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Nursery Book Bag Launch - March 2020

What a fantastic day! Our mums, dads and grandparents came to Nursery today, as we launched our Nursery & Home Book Bag project. Mrs Witt has made beautiful bags for us to take home each week, to explore, discover, share and talk about what is inside. Each one is different, and we can choose a new one every week. We are very excited!

Our mums, dads and grandparents stayed to play in Nursery too. We have had so much fun with them, especially making Jack & the Giant, creating pictures in the Art Studio and working with the tools. What a brilliant day!


Reception Beans - March 2020

Our Reception children planted peas and beans as part of our growing project.  We watered the plants and wrote out labels.  We can hardly wait to see them grow.


Reception Soup - March 2020

Mrs Swanepoel cooked the two pans of soup at dinnertime.  The children knew the soup needed blending.  All the children chose their favourite soup, it was delicious.  Some people had two helpings.


Nursery Allotment - March 2020

Our allotment is changing as we are planting vegetables to grow using forks, trowels and spades, we have planted different seeds. We have planted fruit bushes too! (Raspberry, gooseberry and Blackcurrant). We even climbed our Apple Tree!


Nusery and the Giant - March 2020

The children were really excited to discover a giant in the garden. They followed the footprints and found golden eggs and coins! We read ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’ to help us find out more. We have planted our own magic beans so we can grow beanstalks too. The Giant Hunt continues.


Reception Vegetables - March 2020

Reception children are learning about vegetables. The children went out in groups to buy vegetables for us all to study and to cook with. They chose carefully and carried the vegetables back to school. The children peeled and chopped the vegetables. They were very careful using the knives. We had some star peelers!


Nursery Conference - March 2020

Nursery were ready to show everyone how amazing they are at the Early Years Conference at Stadium of Light. #fourourlittlepeople


Nursery Changes to Spring - February 2020

Our Art Studio went outdoors! The children have noticed the changes in our garden Spring is on the way. The children discussed how to record the changes in the floor book, and decided they wanted to use the studio. The chose pastels to record their observations using ‘nip nip’ fingers, they worked hard to create their pictures. Look at all the beautiful work! 


Nursery Collection - February 2020

Look at all the amazing things we can do in our beautiful Nursery! Exploring, playing and growing everyday, both indoors and outdoors! We love it!


Y6 Visit to Derwent Hill - February 2020

We had a brilliant residential at Derwent Hill in the Lake District. Y6 tackled every challenge with enthusiasm, learnt new skills and showed great teamwork. Well done!


Nursery Art Studio - February 2020

Look at our Art Studio! Our Nursery children are really excited to use our new studio, and to design and make their own fantastic works of art. Using pictures and portraits from famous artists, we have been learning how to use different paints, brushes and techniques to create some absolutely amazing art. We are very proud of our paintings!


Nursery Rain Play - February 2020

The weather doesn’t stop Nursery! Suited and booted, we have had so much fun in the rain today. We found big, squelchy muddy puddles that were brilliant to jump in and explore, and used the climbing equipment to help us develop our ‘Big Gym’ movements. We loved using the umbrellas that Mrs Noble brought for us, and listened carefully has the rain fell down on us. We even have magic umbrellas that change colour in the rain!


Nursery Rain Art - February 2020

After our adventure in the rain yesterday, the children were very excited to talk about how they had played in the rain and puddles. They decided that they wanted to paint pictures of their play, and chose to use the candles and water colours to create some very special art works! Using our ‘nip nip’ fingers to hold the tools, the children showed how they can concentrate and think about their pictures. They loved the magic when the invisible pictures appeared on their paper!  


Year 1 & 2 Parent Reading Group - January 2020

Our parents came in to share reading time with our year 1 and 2 children. Everyone had a great time sharing favourite stories.


Reception Christmas Party - December 2019

We had a fantastic time at our Christmas party. We played lots of games, we danced and enjoyed our party food!


Reception Visit to Santa - December 2019

Reception children had a brilliant time visiting Santa. They all got a present from Santa and enjoyed a lovely trip to the park after.


Reception Stay and Play - December 2019

Our Reception children had a lovely time with their parents this morning at stay and play.


Y2 Fenwick's Window - December 2019

The children had a fabulous journey on the metro and then a walk along to Fenwick’s Christmas Window. The theme this year was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children loved seeing the window as they had read the story in class and recognised the characters. We then had a lovely movie session at Tyneside Cinemas and enjoyed juice and biscuits before travelling home.


Y5 Girl's Football Match - October 2019  The year 5/6 girl’s football team went to Hill View Juniors to compete in a mini tournament against teams from Hill View, New Silksworth Juniors and St Leonard’s Primary. The girls played brilliantly for their first competitive outing and the scores were:

Hill View 4 – 0 Hudson Road

Hudson Road 0 – 1 New Silksworth

St Leonard’s 0 – 0 Hudson Road


Y3 Broom House Farm - October 2019

Today, we visited Broomhouse Farm in Witton Gilbert, Durham. In the morning, we looked at the autumnal landscape and different types of trees. After that, we explored the farm and learned about hens, lambs, cows and fruit orchards. We even got to feed some of the apples we collected to the pigs. In the afternoon, we explored the forest. We got the opportunity to climb trees, go on the zip wire, go through the tunnels and make a den.


Nursery Dinasour Hunt - October 2019

Our Nursery children went on a Dinosaur Hunt in the Winter Gardens. We have been very interested in dinosaurs in Nursery, so we decided to become explorers to see what we could find. We were very excited to find lots of different dinosaurs hiding in the Winter Gardens. Our favourites are the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus. They were very big!We even found dinosaur footprints that we think belong to a REAL dinosaur. We are still looking for it!


Nursery Vegetable Soup - September 2019

We are very interested in cooking, and this week we made a BIG SOUP. We went for a walk to the Vegetable Stall in town, and choose our vegetables carefully. There were so many to choose! We brought the vegetables back to Nursery and worked really hard to grate, chop and peel all the ingredients. We used our finger gym skills and gross motor skills to control the equipment, and then Miss Petrie helped us to cook it on the hob. Our soup was delicious! We were so proud of our soup that we shared it with everyone in school!


Nusery Park Visit - September 2019

Our Nursery children went on an Autumn Walk to Mowbray Park. We looked for the different coloured leaves, flowers and berries. We found an AMAZING conker tree, and had so much fun finding and collecting conkers. We even found some still inside the shells!

We went for a lovely walk and found a ‘mountain’ to climb. We used our big muscles to climb to the top, and posed at the top. We saw rabbits and squirrels in the park too. We had a brilliant time!


Y6 West Hall Scout Camp (Group 2) - September 2019

Another group of our Year 6 children visited West Hall Scout Camp to take part in outdoor activities. They all had a brilliant time taking part in numerous outdoor activities and preparing their own lunch on a fire. It was a great day!


Y6 West Hall Scout Camp (Group 1) - September 2019

A group of Year 6 children visited West Hall Scout Camp to participate in a number of outdoor activities. Working in teams, the children completed a scavenger hunt, an orienteering task, and a construction challenge. They prepared their own lunch (and a chocolate banana treat) to cook on a fire that they started themselves, using a flint and steel. The children then spent time exploring their environment further, searching for mini beasts and creating a mini habitat for them.




Big Picnic - July 2019

Our annual Big Picnic was a huge success. We had a great turnout and everyone enjoyed being in the sun with a picnic. The children had a fabulous time with all the activities.


Y6 Leavers - July 2019

Y6 had a wonderful end of term with great performances in the Y6 concert and a meal at Luciano's.


Reception Ice Exploration - July 2019

Reception had a fabulous time with their science exploration using ice. They were very engrossed and came up with great ideas for how to melt the ice more quickly.


Reception Beach Visit - July 2019

Reception children brought their families to Roker beach. We all played together. We had a wonderful time splashing in the sea and digging in the sand.


6th Annual Science Fair - July 2019

It's been another brilliant year of Science across the school as demonstrated by our 6th Science Fair. The children demonstrated the depth of their knowledge and understanding as they showcased their learning to our visitors. Everyone had fun trying out the different experiments and sharing their science knowledge. 


Y6 Visit to Penshaw - June 2019

6T used public transport to visit Penshaw Monument. They had used ordnance maps to predict landmarks that they would see and then checked off what they could actually see from there. They also did some sketching of their surroundings before heading back to school on the public bus again.



Y5 Electric Car Charger - June 2019

Some of our Year 5 children went to the brand new Electric Car Charging Plant in Hendon, first of its kind in the UK. They looked at the electric cars and the benefits of these types of cars for our environment.


Y2 New Dotland Farm - May 2019

Year 2 had an amazing day with The Country Trust  at New Dotland Farm which is owned by Stuart and Helen Proctor. We spent our time there finding out about life as a farming family, exploring the country side and getting up close to the animals. Everyone had an incredible day.


Y6 West Hall Scout Camp (Group 2) - May 2019

Another group of Year 6 children have visited West Hall Scout Camp in Whitburn. The day began with a scavenger hunt and then the children completed an orienteering puzzle which involved a blindfolded task. Working in teams, they were then given the task of creating the tallest freestanding structure using bamboo and string. The children worked together to cook their own lunch on the barbeque and enjoyed using a flint and steel to create their own fires. To complete the day, we created mini mini-beast habitats and made art using nature.


Y6 West Hall Scout Camp (Group 1) - May 2019

A group of Year 6 children visited West Hall Scout Camp in Whitburn. The children completed team building exercises including a scavenger hunt, orienteering and bridge building before they created their own fires and cooked their own lunch. They even cooked a cake inside an orange peel! In the afternoon, the children created mini habitats for mini-beasts and explored their surroundings further.


Nursery Police Visit - April 2019

Our Nursery children were so excited to meet Police Officers Kirstie and Paul. They talked to us about how they are here to help us, look after us and, sometimes, catch the bad guys!

They brought a police car with them, and we had so much fun pretending to drive the car and making the lights flash. We tried on the police hats and coats – even though they were big. Paul found out that Mrs Noble and Miss Petrie had been naughty in Nursery, so he used his handcuffs to stop them running away. He then put them in the back of the police car! It was ok though – he let them go, so they could come back to Nursery.

We loved our visit from Kirstie and Paul, and had such good time learning about all the different things they do. We think they are going to come back and see us again.


Y1 Blagdon Estate - April 2019

Year 1 visited Blagdon Estate in Newcastle. They walked around the dairy farm to learn about the daily work of the farmer that looks after the cows. Later the children walked around the estate grounds looking at the trees, plants, ponds and bridges.


Nursery Mother's Day Stay and Play - March 2019

We had a brilliant day celebrating Mother’s Day with our special grown ups. We were joined by our mams, grandmothers, granddads and carers. We took part in lots of activities, including making flowers. We really enjoyed the eating the cakes! Our grown ups were very surprised by our lovely cards and flowers!


Y5 Thornhill Rainforest Workshop - March 2019

Year 5 attended a workshop at Thornhill which involved handling rainforest animals including: frogs, snakes, a giant snail and a gecko. The children also completed an art task and participated in an interpretive dance session involving the sounds of the rainforest.


Reading Challenge Week - March 2019

Children from across the school took part in reading activities including a book quiz, team challenges and a competition for every class to find an unusual place for a quiet read. Well done to the winners Class 5B- they turned Miss Bennett’s car into their own personal reading space.


Y6 Derwent Hill - February 2019

3 teams of Y6 pupils went on a residential to Derwent Hill in the Lake District. They took part in a whole range of outdoor and adventurous activities including  a hill walk, gorge walking, canoeing, team challenges, campfire cooking and of course the famous Big Swing.


Y2 Gymnastics - January 2019

Year 2 took part at doing gymnastics at the Raich Carter Centre. We all had a great time.


Y5 Centre for Life - December 2018

Two visitors from The Centre for Life provided an exciting workshop for Year 5 which involved exploring forces and pivots. The children took part in circus skills to experience the forces impacting the equipment. They also used specialised equipment to explore pivots in great depth.


Robin Wood - November 2018

Our Year 5 children had a fabulous time at Robinwood. They all took part in lots of fun filled activities.


Nursery Halloween Stay and Play - November 2018

We had lots of fun at our Stay and Play. We had lots of crafts, games and special treats to eat. It was very spooky!


Y5 Mini Police Marine Centre - November 2018

The Mini Police visited the Northumbria Police Marine Centre on the River Wear. They watched a presentation about water safety before heading up to the dive tank, where the specialist policemen demonstrated some of their training. The children then had the opportunity to try out the special equipment and then go in the van that transports the Marine Unit across the country.


Nursery Poppy Biscuits - November 2018

The children made poppy biscuits to help us remember the soldiers in the war. we used red and black icing to make our poppies.


Y6 Lambton Estate - September 2018

A group of Year 6 children visited the Lambton Estate to explore the different career opportunities available on the site. We learned about racing pigeons, bee keeping, game keeping and farming as well as administrative, filming and hospitality jobs that take place there.


Y2 Health Road Show - September 2018

In the summer Y2 took part in a Health Road Show. We found out about staying healthy and looking after our bodies and teeth. We had a great time trying out some different exercises.




Whole School Violin Concert - July 2018

As an end of term treat the children from Y2 to Y6 performed a concert for our parents. The children demonstrated their skills playing the violin. We would like to thank Mrs Mapplebeck for teaching the children and giving them the confidence to perfom to such a large audience.


2M Visit to Great North Exhibition - July 2018


Y2 Story Sharing with Nursery - July 2018

2M had a super session sharing their puppet shows with the Nursery children.


Matilda - 17th July 2018

Years 3 and 4 have been working with the Royal Shakespeare Company to create their own performance of Matilda the Musical. After weeks of hard work, they performed brilliantly in front of special guests and families.


Great North Exhibition - 12th July 2018

Class 2M travelled by metro to the Hancock Museum in Newcastle to take part in the Great North Exhibition. They had a lovely picnic before being shown around the exhibits and enjoyed having a good look around. Everyone had an amazing time.


5th Annual Science Exhibition Day 2 – 10th July 2018

The children have worked extremely hard in science this year and proudly showcased some of their work for their family and friends.


5th Annual Science Exhibition VIP Preview – 9th July 2018

The children have worked extremely hard in science this year and proudly showcased some of their work for our special visitors. 


Year 1 Beach Visit - 4th July 2018

Year 1 children have had a fantastic day - a walk along the sculpture trail to Roker Beach. The sun came out just in time for everyone to enjoy an ice lolly and a little plodge in the sea!


Reception visit the beach - 2nd July 2018


Sports Day -26th June 2018


Durham Falconry -26th June 2018

Children from Year 3 and 4 visited Durham Falconry and went on a 'Hawk Walk'. They had a fabulous time 'casting off' the birds and really enjoyed their outdoor experience. All of the children were very brave and had at least one go!


Galley's Gill - 20th June 2018

Year 4 returned for their second visit to Galley's Gill, where they have been learning about landscapes and wildflowers. The children have been considering 'Lost Landscapes' and how we can use different landscapes in our environment. They had a brilliant day learning more about wildflowers , debating whether Galley's Gill should be used as a gold mine or not and looking after the space around us by doing some litter-picking. There was even time for juice and cake!


Beamish Year 4 - 20th June 2018 

Year 4 returned to Beamish for another lovely visit. The children interviewed people from 1825 to try and decide whether or not they would invest in the railroads. They were very interested in finding out about the life of the Squire. After lunch in the Masonic Hall, they explored the old school and were able to find out about Victorian school life.


Wizard of Oz Workshop - May 2018

The Y5/6 children watched the M&M Production of the Wizard of Oz and were subsequently invited to a behind the scenes workshop. This allowed the children to understand how costumes, lighting and staging all effect the production of dramatic piece.


River Wear Trip - 21st  May 2018

As part of Heritage Week Nursery are learning about the River Wear. The children took a trip down to the fish quay to see the river. They enjoyed seeing all the different coloured boats.


Falconry demonstration - 15th May 2018

Some of our Key Stage 2 children had the fantastic opportunity to meet some amazing birds, such as a barn owl and a falcon. They were all able to hold the birds and got the opportunity to see them fly.


Science Buddies Assembly - 30th April 2018

Scientists Angela and Katie visited school and delivered a wonderful assembly for children in key stage 1 and 2. The children took part in lots of exciting activities and learned about electricity, forces, chemical reactions and lots more.


Football Team - 25th April 2018

The Hudson Road football team beat Highfield School 1-0 on Wednesday 25th April 2018. Thank you to Vision for Education for our division kits.


Minibeast Trail - 19th April 2018

Class 1W visited Mowbray Park to hunt for minibeasts. They found lots to compare and some were even brave enough to handle them. They were lucky enough to be able to do this on a beautiful sunny day - perfect weather for a walk to the park.


Sunderland University Visits - 17th and 20th April 2018

Years 5 and 6 visited the University of Sunderland to participate in a range of activities. For their first task, the children were asked to complete an ice breaker challenge, which involved working in teams to answer a series of questions on general knowledge. After this, they took part in a ‘Spaghetti Building’ challenge; where they had to build a tower out of spaghetti and jelly babies. The final task of the morning was called ‘Growth Mindsets’, which got the children to think about how they can grow their brains to make them stronger and faster. The activity asked them to memorise a series of words by creating their own unique story. They then had to create paper penguins from scratch and see whether they were confident enough to complete the task by themselves, whether they would require help from an adult or needed instructions. After lunch, the children began a Lego session called ‘WeDo’, where they were tasked with building ‘Milo the Science Rover’ Lego Robot. They had to use basic coding on an I-pad to make the robot move, speak and dodge various obstacles.

                                                                                             Class 5/6J            Class 5/6T


Fish Quay Visit - 29th March 2018

Year 1 visited the fish quay to look at local fishing boats on the River Wear.  The children really enjoyed their walk and found lots of boats and structures in the area.


Sport Relief Day - 23rd March 2018


Nursery Mothers's Day Stay and Play- 8th March 2018

On Thursday 8th March parents and grandparents attended the session and took part in a variety of activities. They enjoyed finger painting, flower making, sweet making and enjoyed lots of tasty treats. The children took home the gifts and cards they they had made for their mums.


Year 5 Visit to Sunderland Univeristy - 22nd February 2018

Class 5J and 5T went to Sunderland University where they participated in a range of activities. They completed an ice breaker task where they had to make a paper aeroplane and see whose plane could hit a target. After that, they talked about different jobs and discussed whether you needed a degree to do them, They also learned about The Tall Ships coming to Sunderland and learned how to use semaphore flags to communicate. After lunch , they used the Lego Build to Express kits to create their dream jobs and express what university life is like.


Year 6 Visit to Sunderland University - 21st February 2018

Class 6P and 6B went to Sunderland University where they participated in a range of activities. They completed an ice breaker task where they had to make a paper aeroplane and see whose plane could hit a target. After that, they learned about The Tall Ships coming to Sunderland and learned how to use semaphore flags to communicate. After lunch , everyone had a campus tour and took part in a team building challenge.


Year 6 Derwent Hill Residential Visit - January/February 2018

Year 6 had a fantastic time at Derwent Hill and took part in so many exciting activities.


Key Stage 1 Christmas Performance  - 13th December 2017

The children in Key Stage 1 put on a super show - telling us the christmas story, singing traditional christmas carols and ending with some of their favourite toe-tapping christmas songs - a wonderful start to all of our performances to put everyone in the festive spirit.


Visit to see Santa Claus  - 6th December 2017

The children in Nursery were very excited to go and visit Santa Claus in The Bridges Shopping Centre. They told Santa what they would like for Christmas and helped Santa to fix his colouring book. It was Magic! Santa gave everyone a present for helping.


A.M Nursery             P.M Nursery


History in Mowbray Park  - November 2017

Year 2 visited Mowbray Park to explore people from the past. They also paid their respects at the War Memorial.


Year 1 and Year 2 Parents - November 2017

Our parents have been coming into school to help the children with reading, phonics and craft work. We love it when they come in!


Maths in Year 2 - 17th November 2017

Take a look at all of the different equipment the children use to help them solve problems in Maths.


Nursery Bedtime Day - 15th November 2017

On Wednesday 15th November, Nursery children took part in a Bedtime Story Day. They read lots of stories, sang rhymes and talked about what they do at bedtimes. Staff and children came to school in their pyjamas. They even had hot chocolate and marshmallows!


Year 3 and 4 Parent Drop-In Session - 14th November 2017

Parents were invited to take part in a Maths lesson where they learned about the different strategies the children use in Maths. The children really enjoyed showing off their skills!


Cookies - 13th November 2017

Class 2M have been following recipe instructions in English. They carefully followed some instructions and made some delicious cookies.  


Nursery Rhyme Week Launch Event - 13th November 2017

Early Years children are joining in with National Nursery Rhyme Week from 13th - 17th November. Children have been sponsored by their families to singa different nursery rhyme each day. On Monday 13th November we had a launch event in school. Lots of parents cam to join in with the children. There were nursery rhyme activities and stories and cakes to buy. Everyone had lots of fun.


Edina Trust- November 2017

2M are taking part in the Edina Trust Bulb Project again this year, looking at climate change.


Bangladeshi Centre Visits - November 2017

Since the beginning of the school year, the Year 3 children have been visiting the Bangladeshi Centre every Monday afternoon to take part in a very special intergenerational project called 'Syedpur to Sunderland'. This projects allows the children to work with people of all ages from the community. They are busy learning about life in Bangladesh, in particular the area of Syedpur.


Remembrance Day - November 2017

Nursery have been busy finding out about Remembrance Day. They made poppies using paper plates and made poppy biscuits. The children were able to talk about the soldiers in the war and know why we wear our poppies.


Broom House Farm  - 9th November 2017

Year 3 visited Broom House Farm to learn about what happens on a working farm during the winter months. The children met many animals and even had the chance to hold a hen! . They also visited an orchard and collected apples to feed the pigs. After the children explored the farm, they ventured out further into the woods and completed the 'Forest Challenge' in order to find the dragon. See if you can spot the dragon amongst our photos. The children thoroughly enjoyed being outdoors and exploring nature.


Author Visit - 8th November 2017

Author Julia Jarman visited our school. The children enjoyed hearing her stories and singing songs with her. Everyone had a lovely afternoon. Some of us bought her books and she signed them for us - we were very lucky. 


Autumn- 3rd November 2017

Autumn is a very special time of year and Class 2M love being outside and seeing the changes to their surroundings.


Apple Store - 2nd November 2017

Classes 5/6J and 5/6T went on a visit to the Apple Store in Eldon Square. They worked with the Genius's to learn about coding and programming. They used coding to complete puzzles and to program robots - they had lots of fun. Coding the robot was very tricky, as they had to program it so that it would follow a path on the floor.


Nursery Halloween Fun - 31st October 2017 


Wildlife Garden - 20th November 2017

Year 2 are always busy in the wildlife garden - exploring and fiding out about the world of plants, birds and minibeasts.


Hancock Museum  - 19th October 2017 

Year 2 had a great visit to the Great North Museum, learning about the world around them and space.


Grainger Market  - 18th October 2017 

Children from Year 5 and 6 visited the Grainger Market in Newcastle to conduct some market research, as part of their 'Make £5 Grow' project. They asked members of the public and shoppers if they liked their product ideas and asked them what they would be prepared to pay. After analysing their data, the children found that fairy doors and pompom wreaths were most popular. They also took the opportunity to walk over the Millenium Bridge and go on to the viewing platform at the Baltic Art Centre. The views were amazing!


The children hope that lots of people will support their project at their stall in the Grainger Market on Thursday 14th December. 


Bethesda Church - 12th October 2017 

Both Year 3 and Year 4 children visited the Bethesda Church for 'The Bible Comes Alive' workshop. They listened to stories from the Bible and even met some of the people featured in these stories.


RNLI Visit - 9th October 2017

The RNLI visited school to teach the children how to stay safe near water. Everyone had lots of fun and learned a lot of important information.


Shadows - 28th September 2017

Class 2M have been investigating light and dark and then they  went on to explore how shadows are made and what they look like.


Year 5 & 6 Spennymoor Activity Day - 26th September 2017 

Children from Year 5 and 6 went to Spennymoor Outdoor Centre where they explored the outdoor environment. They played games and developed their skills to build towers, construct dens and worked as a team during blindfold trails. On a campfire, they cooked their own lunch. They made chocolate bananas, burgers and hotdogs.




Year 6 Prom Meal - 19th July 2017 

After all their hard work and performing, Year 6 children spruced themselves up, let their hair down and enjoyed a meal at Lucianos.


Year 6 Leavers Concert - 19th July 2017 

Our Year 6 children entertained us and left us emotional after their fantastic performances. Well done year 6.


Key Stage 1 Picnic - 18th July 2017 

Year 1 and 2 enjoyed a picnic to say goodbye to Mrs Scott and Mrs Barrow. They will be missed by both children and staff but we wish them the very best for the future.


Annual Big Picnic - 7th July 2017 

Thank you to everyone who supported the Big Picnic again this year. Everyone had a fabulous time with face painting, tea, cakes, sweets and ice lollies. We have raised an amazing £332.80.


4th Annual Science Exhibition Day

The children have worked extremely hard in science this year and proudly showcased some of their work for our VIP guests and for their family and friends.


Sports Week - 19th -23rd June 2017 

During the course of the week the children were given lots of opportunites to try out some new activities. We also had our annual sports day - we had a great turn out from parents and carers who were more than happy to join in on the fun.

                                 Karate          Ceilidh Dancing          Obstacle Course          Sports Day


Whole School Sports Tournament- 16th June 2017 

The whole school took part in a sports afternoon, participating in  a range of activities.


Northern Powergrid Christmas Light Final - 12th June 2017 

The Year 5 finalists for the Northern Powergrid Christmas Light Final, took part in a range of activities at Kepier Farm Training Centre. The children enjoyed an action packed day which involved building circuits, off-road driving experience, presenting their christmas light idea and other engineering competitions. Well done year 5!


Year 2 featuring on BBC Look North - 25th May 2017 

Year 2 were on Look North on May 25th talking about their wonderful visit to New Dotland Farm and the work they do with The Country Trust. Mrs McGrory invited parents into school to view the show together. We are all very proud of our children.


Girls cricket tournament - 17th May 2017 

The year 5 and 6 girls represented the school in a cricket tournament at Eppleton Cricket Club. They were unbeaten and,  as a result, they will be heading to Chester Le Street to represent Sunderland in the district finals. Well done girls!


Washington Wetland Centre - 16th May 2017 

Year 2 had an amazing day with Cath from WWT -  pond dipping and minbeast hunting. The children were very excited to see and feed the wildlife at the wetland and to find out how important the wetlands are to wildlife.


Zoolab UK - 9th May 2017 

Rob from Zoolab came into school to show the children from Early Years to Year 5 a selection of interesting creatures. The children were very excited to find out about the creature's natural habitats and their sleeping and eating patterns. The children were given opportunities to hold and touch the creatures and many of our children were very brave and did so!


Book Character Dressing Up Day - 7th April 2017

The school has been taken over by all sorts of wonderful story characters -take a look and see  Coraline,   Horrid Henry, the cheshire cat and many,many more!


Book Quiz - 6th April 2017

The whole school was represented with selected team members to take part in a book quiz. Early Years and Key Stage 1 competed against each other. The questions were very tricky, but the children knew their story books very well! The final scores were 5 points for each team!!


Physical Agility - 3rd April 2017

2M took part in the Sunderland Physical Agility day with other schools from Sunderland. The children took part in range of skill driven activities.


Comic Relief- 24th March 2017

All children, from Nursery to Year 6, took part in an obstacle course. Children and staff dressed up in funny wigs and tutus. They climbed, crawled, jumped and hopped. Even some of the teachers had a go!.

Thank you to the Year 6 sports leaders for leading the children through the course.


Edina Trust- 14th March 2017

Year 2 have been very active in the garden looking after their daffodil bulbs. They sent their measurements to Professor Plant as part of their research into climate change.


Year 4 Beamish - March 2017

Year 4 visited Beamish Museum to find out about childhood through time. They visited Pockerly Manor, the schoolhouse and Home Farm. At Pockerly Manor and Home Farm, the children completed chores such as folding sheets and putting up blackout paper. During the visit to the school, the children were put through their paces with an arithmetic and handwriting session. It was a brilliant day and the children really got into the spirit of the activities.


Year 2 Curriculum Kitchen - February 2017

The ladies from Curriculum Kitchen came to work with Year 2 children. The children made a healthy leek and potato soup and a delicious toffee apple cheesecake. Each child took home a bag of soup ingredients so they could make the soup at home with their family. Our thanks go to Mr David Thompson from the Country Trust and the Tynedale Agricultural Society who supported us in this activity.


Year 6 Derwent Hill Residential Visit - February 2017

Year 6 had a brilliant time at Derwent Hill and took part in so many exciting activities.


Stadium Of Light -  18th December 2016

Mrs McNeilly, Miss Cameron and 4 pupils were lucky enough to be invited by the local authority to attend the stadium of light on Saturday 18th December. They were given a tour, they enjoyed a meal , they watched the match from VIP seats and even saw man of the match afterwards!


Key Stage 1 Christmas Party  -  14th December 2016

Key stage 1 had lots of fun at their Christmas party - a special visitor dropped in too!


Key Stage 1 Christmas Show Dress Rehearsal   -  December 2016

Key stage 1 performed their Christmas Show , "Grandpa's Special Birthday", in front of an audience for the first time. The children have worked very hard and they performed brilliantly.


Key Stage 2 Carol Concert Dress Rehearsal  -  5th December 2016

Key stage 2 performed their carol concert in front of an audience for the first time. The children have worked very hard and they performed brilliantly.


Nursery Visit to Santa -  1st December 2016

Nursery children were very excited to see Santa in the Bridges. He was very friendly and gave everyone a lovely present.


Early Years Christmas Show Dress Rehearsal  -  6th December 2016

Our  nursery and reception children performed their christmas show for our school audience. They did a magnificent job - lots of singing and dancing - guaranteed to put smiles on faces.

                                              a.m. Nursery            p.m. Nursery               


Christmas Fair  -  29th November 2016

Our Christmas Fair was a great success this year, with many parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles  and friends coming along to join in with activities and support our evening. So far we have raised over £780 towards school funds - with sales of raffle tickets ongoing we may well bring that amount to £800! A big thank you to everyone for helping us to raise such a fantastic amount.


Year 5 Robin Wood   -  21st-23rd November 2016

Year 5's residential trip to Robin Wood was amazing! Their back-to-back activities started at 8:30 after a filling breakfast and they didn't stop until 9pm. The wide range of acivities tested their skills, independence and bravery. There were puzzle rooms which helped to develop teamwork, speaking and listening and social skills as well as their nerve! Some children even risked running across the Piranha Pool! The children particularly enjoyed the giant swing, zip wire, climbing and trapeze tasks which were a bit scary, but they conquered their fears and had an incredible time. The experience (and the food!!) was unforgettable.


Northern Children's Book Festival Author Visit  - 18th November 2016

Each year the NCBF run a two week festival of book related activities working with schools and communities across the whole of the North East Region. As part of this festival we were privileged to be visited by children's author, Jonny Duddle. Jonny spent a full morning with key stage 1 children. He told the children about his experiences as an author and shared one of his stories,  "The Pirate Cruncher".


Planting Trees

The Woodland Trust have kindly donated trees and bushes. We are adding them to our outdoor areas to enhance learning opportunities for the children.


Year 2 Violin Tuition

Year 2 have started their violin lessons with Mrs Mapplebeck and are making great progress.


Edina Trust Bulb Project

Year 2 are taking part in the National Data Collection,  investigating climate change. The children have planted bulbs and are collecting and recording the rainfall and temperature each day and submit their findings to the trust.


Bedtime Reading Day - 27th September 2016

Year 1 and 2 have enjoyed a 'Bedtime Reading' Day where they have shared Bedtime stories, wrote about bedtime routines and have even had a go at writing their own bedtime stories.





Attendance and Year 6 Awards Assembly - 20th July 2016

Our end of year assembly celebrated some wonderful achievements from our Year 6 children. We were also able to award many attendance awards. A very well done to everyone who has managed to achieve such high attendance this year and a very big thank you to parents and carers for supporting your children.


Sports Awards – 19th July 2016

Our sports awards assembly was held on Tuesday 19th July - congratulations to all of our winners.


Seafarers Awareness Week Competition – June 2016

Children from year 2 entered the Seafarers Awareness Week competition and were runners uo - winning £100 for Science resources for the school.


3rd Annual Science Exhibition VIP Preview – 4th June 2016

A big thank you to all of our visitors who came to see our science exhibition. Our visitors were very impressed and commented that the children were all engaged and excited to share their science learning.


Sports Week - 27th June- 1st July 2016

Throughout the week our children took part in a wide range of sporting activities including dancing, cricket, football, using the smoothie bike and an obstacle course. The whole school showed exceptional team work and everyone had a very good attitude towards taking part. Unfortunately, due to poor weather, we had to cancel our whole school sports day - although Early Years were lucky enough to have good weather for theirs. Although scores were very close, the overall winners for the week were Green Team.

Click on the following links to see some of our activities. Dancing; Early Years Sports Day; Smoothie Bike: Other sporting activities.


Churches Conservation Trust Event – 27th June 2016

Mrs Ridley, Mrs Platten and a group of Year 6 pupils met Dr Lloyd Grossman, Chair of the Churches Conservation Trust, to find out about plans to transform Holy Trinity Church in Sunderland's East End into a centre for heritage and learning. Marty Longstaff, the Lake Poet, performed a song written with Year 6 to highlight Sunderland's heritage and culture.


Annual Big Picnic for the Queen’s 90th Birthday – 10th June 2016

Everyone had a lovely afternoon at our Big Picnic - we had face painting, mendhi body art, races , cakes and an ice cream van - the weather even held out long enough to enjoy our picnics on the grass. As well as having lots of fun , we raised £181.57.


Nursery Bus Visit - June 2016 

As part of careers week in school, nursery children were visited by Stagecoach Buses. The drivers, Steve and Wayne, brought a brand new bus for the children to look at and to go for a ride. The children had to get their tickets, find a seat and then they enjoyed a ride along to Roker Beach. The children had great fun sitting in the drivers seat and sounding the horn - they said it was very loud!

The children had a brilliant time, and on their return to school they made a bus in nursery.


Dogs Trust Visit - June 2016 

During careers week an education officer from Dogs Trust came to school to talk to the children about the important work that Dog Trust does, and she brought one of their rescue dogs , Molly,  to meet the children.


Year 3 & 4 Visit to Benton Animal Shelter - June 2016 

As part of careers week in school, class 3/4T  went to visit the cat and dog shelter in Benton North Farm, Newcastle. They met their fundraiser, Marie , who showed them around and introduced them to lots of lovely cats and dogs who are hoping to find new homes. They also got the opportunity to feed the pigs and sheep who live at the shelter.


Year 1 Visit to Pets at Home - June 2016 

As part of careers week in school, the children in Year 1 went to visit Pets at Home.


Year 6 Desert Island Survival Day  - 19th April 2016 

Year 6 had a 'Desert Island Survival Day' , imagining they were Michael in Kensuke's KIngdom. They learned how to make fire; build shelters; clean and filter dirty water- they even ate insects!


Year 1 Visit to Blagdon Farm Estate  - April 2016 

Year 1 went on a visit to Blagdon Farm Estate this term. They found out that it is a dairy farm and they learned how the cows are looked after and how they give us milk. The estate has a very large garden and a forest which the children enjoyed walking through and exploring.


Puma Centre Visit  -  March 2016 

Year 1 children visited the Puma Centre in Silksworth. They participated in a carousel of activities alongside many other school children; this complimented the current topic in school "Fit For Life". They all had a really good day and many children said they would like to do it again.


Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey - 14th March 2016 

As a result of our partnership with a school in Bangladesh, we were invited to attend HM The Queen's 90th Birthday Commonwealth Day Interfaith Service at Westminster Abbey . Mrs Westgate, Mrs Swanepoel, Mrs Ahmed and four of our Year 6 pupils attended the service in the presence of the Royal Family and Commonwealth leaders. We had excellent seats with a full view of the proceedings and we felt very honoured to be selected as one of the small number of schools to take part.


Visit to Lambton Estates - 8th March 2016 

A group of 12 Y6 children visited Lord Lambton's house and rounds to learn about the jobs & careers available working on an estate. They learned about beekeeping, horses and stable work and what a gamekeeper does.The children also learned a lot about the Lambton family and their influence in the North East.


St Peter's Church - 7th March 2016 

Year 3 & 4 children visited St Peter's Church to learn about the great St Bede. They learned all about his life in the monastery and about the church itself.


WWT - 4th March 2016

Year 2 children were very lucky to receive a free visit to the Wetland Centre in Washington. Despite the terrible weather, they had a fantastic time pond dipping, feeding the ducks and hunting for mini-beasts.


Year 2 Visit to Durham University- 29th February 2016

Year 2 pupils visited Queens Campus at Durham University to engage in Science activities with current university students.


I CAN "Chatter Matters Tea Party"- 12th February 2016

On Friday 12th February , Nursery and Reception took part in the "Chatter Matters Tea Party", to raise money for the I CAN charity and to develop the outdoor area in Early Years.

The children were joined by parents, grandparents and family members, and together they took part in lots of activities, coloured pictures and shared stories. Everyone was given a certificate for taking part and over £300 was raised for the charity and the outdoor area.

We would like to say a big Thank You to everyone who came along, took part and helped us to raise a lot of money. Everyone had so much fun and we are looking forward to the Tea Party next year!


Year 6 Circus Skills- 10th February 2016

This activity was linked to science work about balance and forces. During the session children learned how to walk the tightrope, spin plates, walk on stilts,  use a diablo and ride on a pedalo (which is used as a practise before riding a unicycle!)


Christmas Parties - December 2015

The children have had a fun packed week with visits from Santa and christmas parties.


Foundation Stage Christmas Perfomance - December 2015

Nursery and Reception children performed beautifully in their performance of "Whoops A Daisy Angel".


Key Stage 1 Christmas Perfomance - December 2015

See our budding Year 1 and Year 2 performers all in role for "A Snowman At Sunset".


Year 6 Derwent Hill Residential Visit - December 2015

Year 6 had a brilliant time at Derwent Hill and took part in so many exciting activities.


Year 5 Robinwood Residential Visit - 23rd November 2015

Take a look at the fun that Year 5 are having.


Let Sunderland Shine Light Festival - 18th November 2015

Our first annual light festival was a huge success. Thank you so much to everyone who came along.


Parent Mornings in Year 1 and 2 - November 2015

Parents were invited to take part in literacy sessions with their children. Parents were able to see how their children are taught phonics, reading and writing. The sessions were a great opportunity for parents and children to work together and for children to share their learning.


Parent Day in Nursery - October 2015

Mams, Dads,Nanas,brothers and sisters visited nursery. We showed them how clever our nursery children are by telling them all the colours they know through stories and songs. They stayed to play and had a lovely time. Look at all the things they got up to!


West Boldon Lodge - October 2015 

Class 2M children visited West Boldon Lodge to make shelters and dens from natural materials. They had a fantastic day. Thank you to the PSTT for their funding.


Parent and Child Lantern Making Workshops- October 2015

We had a great response to our workshops - see everyone getting their lanterns ready for the lantern festival on November 18th.


Reception Children visit the Fire Station - September 2015

Following the childrens' interest in fire engines and fire fighters the children in Reception made a visit to our local fire station.


Year 3 and 4 Outdoor Painting Activity

Class 3/4C

Class 3/4T

Class 3/4S